The Man from the Mist Book Review

The Man from the Mist is written by P.J. Mann and I was lucky enough to receive an advanced readers copy (ARC) for review.


Framed for murder by the law. Chased by criminal organisations. The key to solve the mystery and save his life might be on the superheroes he likes to draw.

Newspaper editor Dave Stanford is convinced he’s invisible. Dull and shy, nobody notices him. But at night, in his ratty apartment, Dave lives out his dream in his drawings, creating a world of superheroes, where he can belong.

A series of murders rock Dave’s neighbourhood, targeting the criminals that lurk in the shadows. The murderer is a mysterious avenger, a man who comes out of the mists of the night to protect terrorised victims. A man described by witnesses as wearing a coat and a fedora hat. A man they believe is Dave Stanford.

Disturbing questions are raised when Dave finds an old suitcase in his wardrobe, containing his grandfathers belongings, articles that are linked to the murders like a coat and a fedora hat.

Who is trying to frame him? What secret is hidden in his past? On the run from both the police and the local criminal gangs, will Dave uncover the truth of the mysterious avenger, or will he become another victim of the man from the mist?


I truely enjoyed this mystery novel and the twists and turns along the way.

We meet a man named Dave and throughout the story his character develops and his kind and caring nature shines through his helping of people and a friendship with Gloria.

When the murders started occurring in the neighbourhood, Dave seemed like the perfect person to be accused as he was very shy, and seemed to be invisible to everyone. When Gloria appears, we see Dave’s character develop as Gloria draws him out of his shell and become more confident in helping and talking to others. Dave isn’t afraid to help those in trouble, which brings him to police attention.

We see Dave grow even more as Gloria just seems to disappear and he goes to the police to file a missing person.

I love that the story changed perspective to gain insight of the police investigation into Gloria’s disappearance through the Detective and we still got to see Dave perspective throughout the investigation.

There was an amazing twist at the end that I wasn’t expecting at all but the strength Dave has and the complete trust Gloria has in him had the novel ending perfectly. 

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