A Question of Holmes Book Review

A Question of Holmes is the final book in the Charlotte Holmes series by Brittany Cavallaro.


Holmes and Watson think they’re finally in the clear after graduating from Sherringford…but danger awaits in the hallowed halls of Oxford.

Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson finally have a chance to start over. With all the freedom their pre-college summer program provides and no one on their tail, the only mystery they need to solve, once and for all, is what they are to each other.

But upon their arrival at Oxford, Charlotte is immediately drawn into a new case: a series of accidents befell the theater program at Oxford last year, culminating in a young woman going missing on the night of a major performance.

The mystery has gone unsolved; the case is cold. And no one–least of all the girl’s peculiar, close-knit group of friends–is talking.

When Watson and Holmes join the theater program, the “accidents” start anew, giving them no choice but to throw themselves into the case. But as the complicated lines of friendship, love, and loyalty blur, time is running out–and tragedy waits in the wings.


This book was different as it was mostly from Charlotte’s perspective. It shows how Leander has been a positive influence and is helping her get better and healthy after the events that happened previously. It was extremely refreshing to her the story in her voice.

Although she is clean and eating, she is still getting practice in deducting with Leander and has gotten into Oxford for the summer program. She invites Jamie and she learns about a mystery that has taken place the previous year in the program.

The one thing that has changed between Charlotte and Jamie is their relationship. There is a lot of hand holding and kissing which shows now their relationship changed from being toxic to each other but a normal relationship as they are girlfriend and boyfriend.

The ending isn’t what I was expecting but I would love to have more adventures of Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson.

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