Pariah Book Review

Pariah is the first book in the Magic Unveiling series by Sullivan Frey. I would like to thank Sullivan Grey for the review copy.


My school has a dark secret….but the one from my past might be darker. When the cheerleaders mentioned an initiation, I thought they were joking. Hours later, I’ve somehow left two football players unconscious and I’m escaping my first varsity party with the scariest guy in school.

In one night, I went from popular to pariah. Nothing feels safe anymore, except these students who call themselves the Select.

Right now, they are the only people I can trust- even if they aren’t telling me everything about The Select or its elite academy.

The further down the rabbit hole I go, the more sure I am that I won’t be coming back. Who can I trust if even my own memories aren’t telling the truth.


This book had me hooked and not wanting to put down! It leaves you with just enough unanswered questions that have you needing the next book.

Taya seems like the average teenage cheerleader, but after a disastrous evening at a party, her life seems to change completely.

After she is saved from a party from her so called friends, Sutton, Church, Darius and Kimani seem like the just the people she can trust even if they are an odd group friends.

With secrets and questions unanswered will Taya belong with this odd group and will she find who these people really are.

Pariah ends with a twist and an a hint of a secret that doesn’t seem possible. I’m looking forward to finding out. It is a fast paced- page turner that truely appeals to those who love fantasy!

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