The Eternal Dusk Review

The Eternal Dusk is the second book in the Daughter of the Phoenix series by Victoria J Price.


Angels are disappearing. Witches are gathering. An ancient darkness is rising.

It’s been just over a month since eighteen-year-old Fia Aldridge has returned to Earth from the parallel world of Ohinyan.

She thought she’d be safe back in London—and that she’d be protecting her friends from Erebus, the ancient darkness that was calling to her.

But when she discovers angels are going missing at the hands of a local witch coven, she knows she has to find a way back to Ohinyan and warn her friends, even if it means Erebus will be waiting.

Little does she know, the darkness is about to be set free—and he’s only interested in one thing: finding Fia.


The Eternal Dusk draws you back into the world of Ohinyan as Fia travels back through a window with important news, hoping to see Alexander again and warn him.

One of the interesting parts of the book is when Erebus is released but there is a twist.

I love that the book switches perspective between Fia, Alexander and now Erebus.

Throughout the book you see Fia grow and become confident in her abilities. Although she is unbelieving when she is told she may be the fire mother.

I really enjoyed the character growth of Alexander and I’m intrigued to find out what will happen next as the book ends with a fantastic cliffhanger.

I can’t wait to return to Ohinyan and see what is in store for Fia and Alexander, especially if they get a happy ending.

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