Kingdom of the Wicked Book Review

Kingdom of the Wicked is the first book in the series by Kerri Maniscalco.


Emilia and her twin sister Vittoria are streghe – witches who live secretly among humans, avoiding notice and persecution. One night, Vittoria misses dinner service at the family’s renowned Sicilian restaurant. Emilia soon finds the body of her beloved twin . . . desecrated beyond belief. Devastated, Emilia sets out to find her sister’s killer and to seek vengeance at any cost-even if it means using dark magic that’s been long forbidden.

Then Emilia meets Wrath, one of the Wicked-princes of Hell she has been warned against in tales since she was a child. Wrath claims to be on Emilia’s side, tasked by his master with solving the series of women’s murders on the island. But when it comes to the Wicked, nothing is as it seems . . .


Kerri Maniscalco has done it again and has completely gotten me hooked with Kingdom of the Wicked.

I truely loved the interaction between Emilia and Vittoria, twin sisters with totally different personalities and interests. Although they tell each other a lot of things, from eight years old, they started keeping some secrets.

It was the first of many secrets the twins would keep from each other. And would prove deadly for one.

One of my favourite interactions with the sisters is when Vittoria scares Emilia when she is holding her balsamic and she breaks it and you see how much Vittoria understands her sister.

…She crossed the small room and crushed me against her in a giant hug…I knew she sincerely meant it; she’d happily hand over her bottle and watch me smash it to bits…

Growing up their grandmother told the stories of the Wicked and the Princes of Hell. Although she has warned Vittoria and Emilia, they don’t always remember how dangerous it could be if they roam the earth.

There are seven demon princes, but only four di Carlos should fear: Wrath, Greed, Envy and Pride. One will crave your blood. One will capture your heart. One will steal your soul. And one will take your life.

Maniscalco has done an amazing job introducing the Princes to Emilia, and amongst the mystery of the murders that are happening, there are twists that I wasn’t expecting. Emilia’s interaction with Wrath had me constantly turning the page as I wanted to see what would happen next.

The ending had me screaming and I desperately need the second book to see what happens next. I definitely recommend this book if you love witches and demons as well as enjoyed Stalking Jack the Ripper.

5/5 stars

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