The Ruined Throne Book Review

The Ruined Throne is the second book in the Shadow Curse series by Kala Merseal.


A forgotten soul and the dark god who controls him…

When Raethin Corvus wakes, he finds the princess gone, whisked away in the arms of the mysterious Kaevari Champion. 
Fueled by desperation, he follows their trail to Sarcha, the City of Sun and the last crumbling remnant of resistance against the Kaevari army within the Visiel Mountains.

But Sarcha crumbles when Aeskrius strolls through the gates wearing the face of their late Crown Prince Aescion Waethis. 

Ara Zypherus finds herself a prisoner in the towers of the Sarchan palace, a lone elven attendant and the mysterious Champion himself her only companions. Aeskrius seeks to own Ara, body and soul, and he will do anything to break her. Slowly, Ara folds as she discovers just who Aeskrius is.

Cirith, Raethin, and their companions travel to the Visiel Mountains on a rescue mission and along the way, they run into an old friend. Someone who knows the divine realms and the secrets they hold, and why Cirith’s old flame Zira won’t reveal who she really is.

Raethin must reach Ara before Aeskrius releases through the princess a power that the realm cannot behold.


I was lucky enough to be able to beta read the book as well as receive an ARC copy of the book. I can honestly say that I loved the book!

The book jumps right back into the moment after Ara is kidnapped and Raethin wakes up alone. The character development of Aeskrius adds much more depth to the story and what I had hoped was going to be explored.

From the beginning chapter, we have a hint of how the history of Aeskrius will be explored and had me hooked from the get go.

As his demons laid waste to the City of Sun, Aeskrius sat alone in the king’s place. His gaze drifted, then settled on the last king of Waetherea. In his solitude, with the cacophony of screams echoing his pounding headache, Aeskrius felt a twinge in his chest and slowly closed his eyes to the sight.

Aeskrius development throughout the book was amazing and the relationship between Ara and him changed as well as hinting of his part before he became what he currently is.

Raethin also grew throughout the book and also became more accepting of his new role in saving Ara. He connects with the god that is now within him. He also understands Cirith more and works with him to save Ara.

Through the introduction of Zira and her past with Cirith, we understand more of their history and their relationship. I really enjoyed their interaction.

The book ended on such a cliffhanger that I can’t wait for the next book. I truely recommend this book and definitely will be reading it again.

5/5 stars

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