Gravebriar Book Review

Gravebriar is written by Casey L. Bond. It is a brand new standalone Fantasy novel. I want to thank Casey L Bond for the ARC.


Sometimes witches hunt their own…

Someone knows my secret and they’re wielding it as the weapon of my execution. I stand accused of poisoning my Gravebriar coven mate. To my fatal regret, I can’t prove my innocence without revealing the truth I’ve long kept hidden: while every other Gravebriar witch are green witches and healers, my magic lies in poisons.

There is one witch who believes me – the same boy who was sent to kill me with instructions to pluck the briars that sprouted from my grave – the only cure for a Gravebriar witch. Forge Silverthorn will be my undoing… or my salvation.

He claims there is a malicious plot vining through the witch town of Cauldron that threatens to tighten around my throat in a deadly noose. Promising I can escape by seeking the help of a banished witch who hides our kind in plain sight, he leads me to a dark circus full of witches.
The ringmaster will only help us if we agree to join his circus of uncanny tricks and diabolical feats for two nights only, using our magic to thrill his patrons. In exchange for our participation under the big top, he’ll divulge the information I need to save my coven mate and clear my name.

But when dark secrets emerge from the shadows of this promised sanctuary, I’m forced to decide if I can truly trust anyone, especially Forge… my would-be executioner, my coven’s sworn enemy, and my could-be love.


Casey has done it again with an absolutely amazing fantasy novel that brings the world of witches to life. Gravebrair reminds me of the groups in When Wishes Bleed but I loved the different covens which formed different types of witches. Although the all blend together, the covens are independent of one another other than in the markets.

As always the world building is amazing and would love to travel all around the world Casey has built. I loved the world Castor lives and the character growth that we see in Castor. She sees herself as an outcast in her coven. When Castor sees Forge at a party I was immediately intrigued with him.

The relationship between Castor and Forge was great. Their relationship built up very well across the book and didn’t seem to fast at all. Forge and Castor’s powers are interesting, him being able to make anything with any type of metal and Castor’s power in poison. You are able to connect to both of them extremely well based on their experiences. Forge definitely balances out Caster and would love to read from his perspective.

I could read and explore this world for so much longer than just this book and the twists, turns and surprises were absolutely amazing. I definitely will be reading Gravebriar again!

5/5 stars

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