The Big Book of Festivals

The Big Book of Festivals is a children’s non fiction picture book by Joan-Maree Hargreaves, Marita Bullock and Liz Rowland.

Publisher: Hachette Australia. Thank you for the review copy of the book.


Fantastic festivities, crazy celebrations and holy holidays

From tomato-throwing parties to graveside picnics, fire-walking ceremonies, crying baby competitions and the biggest bathing festival on Earth – this book introduces you to some of the world’s most incredible cultural and religious celebrations.

Some festivals are outrageously fun and joyful, others are more serious. All of them bring people together to mark big events in life.

So join us in this riotous explosion of colour as we feast, sing, cry and celebrate the diversity of festivals and traditions this wonderful world of ours has to offer. 


The illustrations within this book are amazing and I could spend a lot of time looking at the map on the end pages.

These Australian writers and illustrator give detailed information about many different festivals around the world along with facts that allow for the readers to be intrigued to find out more about them. There are festivals from all around the world, some that many people may not know along with seasonal festivals.

This book is perfect for teachers who are introducing the History topic of celebrations around the world to give students insights and allow them to start thinking about celebrations as well as the meaning behind them. This book can be used to in the introduction or open phase of a research task.

I definitely recommend this book and it is being added to my collection.

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