The Mist Children Book Review

The Mist Children is the second book in the Foxfires Trilogy by E.C. Hibbs.


When power rises, so does the truth…

The Sun Spirit has risen again and the Northlands are slowly stirring from their slumber. The snow still lies thick, but life moves on, and the villages prepare their reindeer for the long migration to the coast.

However, when Tuomas returns from the World Above, he knows something is wrong. The young people are falling ill with a mysterious sickness, the mages are unable to connect with the Spirits, and there are whispers of a strange little boy haunting the lakes. Although struggling to come to terms with his own power, Tuomas once again joins forces with Lilja and Elin to face an evil which has waited for him for centuries.

But high in the sky, the Spirit of the Lights is watching, and she sees more than any human can… 


I really enjoyed this book as it builds on the first book and has the same amazing story telling as well as adding some great spooky scenes. Hibbs did a great job portraying the helplessness and fear in the face of illness and death.

It was great following Tuomas’ journey and story as well as working through his feelings about being the Sun Spirit.

I’m looking forward to what happens next.

4/5 stars

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