The World Between Blinks Book Review

The World Between Blinks is by Amie Kaufman and Ryan Graudin.


Have you ever blinked, and thought you saw something that was gone a moment later? Have you ever turned to pick up an item, only to find it wasn’t where you left it?

Jake and Marisol are cousins. Jake’s great at leaving things behind – his mum’s a diplomat, and he never settles anywhere for long. His latest friends and new favourite places are lost with depressing regularity. Marisol’s great at finding things – she’s American and she’s Bolivian, and this cross-cultural childhood has taught her to pay attention to details. She’s got such an eagle eye, and she’s so gifted at finding things, that sometimes she even wonders if things find her.

Together, Jake and Marisol are about to discover The World Between Blinks. The place where everything we lose – from the front door keys to ancient cities buried under hot desert sands – eventually appears.

The trick’s going to be finding a way home. Before they’re lost forever.


I really loved this book and the concept of the story. It is perfect for history buffs as well as middle grade readers. You definitely can easily get lost in the world.

I really enjoyed the cousins’ relationship as it changes and deepens throughout the story as they work together.

This book teachers great lessons about grief and loss that are handled really well as well as amazing world building that uses fantastic descriptions.

I can’t wait to the second book.

5/5 stars

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