Chasing Love Book Review

Chasing Love is the first book in the Dark Love series by Kat T Masen.


He was my first love.
Shattered me, then left without a goodbye.
Eight years have passed, and now he’s back.
But, I’m engaged.
And he will do anything to make sure I’m his…again.

I’ve fought hard to rebuild my life. So when the ever-so-perfect Julian Baker proposes marriage, I’m ready to forget the past and move on with my new love.

In a cruel twist of fate, my past and future collide. I’m forced to face the man who destroyed my heart back in high school.

Lex Edwards, turned billionaire tycoon, is ruthless, cunning, and will not stop until I’m his.

A complicated love triangle was never something I imagined when Julian proposed to me. Especially not involving Lex.
Hearts and egos are bound to be broken.
But whose heart will capture mine when the darkness fades.


I picked up this book as it was being talked about on BookTok. It was really well written but was pretty slow paced. It jumped from the past to the present quite a lot and Charlotte didn’t know who she really wanted to be with.

It is not so much a love triangle but cheating. The POV switches got annoying as it started to repeat the same scene from a different perspective.

I’m not likely to read it again.

3/5 stars

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