Cry For Me book review

Cry For Me is the second book in the Club Avalon series by Kay Elle Parker.


Everyone, it seems, knows how much she loves Jasper, including the man himself, but that doesn’t stop the pain of the axe falling on her dreams with a sharpened blade. It’s only compounded when—apparently consumed by guilt for not encouraging her to stay away from him—Jasper asks a favor from the biggest Master in Avalon…

Jasper Fairfax is a complex man. Bred to be a killer, raised and trained by a monster, he’s done a lot of bad things in his life. Things he doesn’t like remembering, but can’t let go. Sadism is ingrained within him, nurtured by his father, until it became part of him. Over the years, he’s tried to be a better man, a good man.

Anarchy, his pretty kitten, is the bright light against his darkness. A beacon of hope for a man who believes himself destined to be alone like the monster he’s tried not to become. But what hope does a man deserve when extinguishing that light is his nature?

Letting her go is hard; letting her in is worse.

Especially when his past is no longer content to stay in the past.


I loved reading about Anarchy and Jasper. Anarchy is such an interesting MC with a part of her that she wants to show but in the past it has come back to bite her. Jasper is also an interesting Master and character.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series

5/5 stars

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