The Warrior in my Wardrobe Book Review

The Warrior in my Wardrobe is by Simon Farnaby. It is another hilarious time-travelling adventure.


Join Rose, Merdyn the wizard and Bubbles the guinea pig in another hilarious time-travelling adventure. Rose must save her kidnapped brother from a Dark Ages Warrior!

Merdyn is the greatest wizard of the Dark Ages. Obviously. 
Rose is his 21st-century descendent. Lucky her. 

And Vanheldon the vandal warrior is FURIOUS! After all, last time they met, Merdyn turned his army to stone. 

Seeking revenge, Vanheldon comes up with a way to kidnap Rose and transport her back to Dark Ages Transylvania, set on luring Merdyn into a terrible trap. Except – whoops! – his magical minion kidnaps Rose’s teenage brother Kris instead.  

Rose, Merdyn and Bubbles the guinea pig must team up to save the day. But can they rescue Kris without creating historical mayhem? Will Rose’s wizard ancestor even remember her? (And want to help them?) And will Bubbles ever stop pooing? 


This was a fantastic read and from the beginning Farnaby drew me in thinking about the Dark Ages and the possibility of magic. The main characters of Merdyn and Rose balanced each other out and I loved reading from each of their perspectives. I loved the added tension with trying to save Kris from a dark wizard.

Just like the Wizard in my Shed, younger readers will absolutely love The Warrior in my Wardrobe. The use of rhyme was fantastically used to add detail and whit to the end of some chapters. 

5/5 stars

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