Ming & Flo: Fight for the Future Book Review

Ming & Flo Fight for the Future is written by Jackie French.


Twelve-year-old Ming Qong is convinced that girls must have changed the world, even if they are rarely mentioned in history books. 

So when Ming gets the chance to go back in time, she imagines herself changing destinies from a glittering palace or an explorer’s ship. Instead, she ends up in Australia in 1898, living a tough life as Flo Watson on a drought-stricken farm. 

Luckily, Ming is rescued by Flo’s Aunt McTavish. Wealthy Aunt McTavish belongs to Louisa Lawson’s Suffragist Society, who are desperately and courageously fighting for women’s rights. And Ming is determined to get involved, to make a difference. 

But change is never easy, so how can one girl change the world?


This book is an empowering and exhilarating look at the girls and women of the past and they say they shaped the world. It was a fantastic read by Jackie French.

The concept of the book is illuminating and sharing a side of history that isn’t always considered. Being set in Australia, the story aligns with many educational themes that are a perfect fit with the target audience of 10 year olds or older.

As a reader you experience a time around the first referendum that was denied and then the beginning of the suffragette movement. I would love to see this book into school libraries and into classrooms as well. I’m looking forward to the next book.

5/5 stars

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