The Foxglove King

The Foxglove King is the first book in the Nightshade Crown series by Hannah Whitten.


Lore, who has been living a dangerous life working for a cartel and hiding her affinity for death magic, is captured by the King’s warrior-monks after a failed job. Instead of being executed, King August offers her a chance to use her magic to solve a mysterious problem of villages dying overnight. Lore must navigate a treacherous court, dealing with politics, religion, and forbidden romance, as she delves into a dangerous and twisted mystery that surpasses her imagination.


I absolutely loved the twist on magic and the concept of good and evil. I couldn’t help but love how Lore interacted with Bastian and Gabe. 

I couldn’t put the book down and was entranced the intrigue and forbidden romance that was occurring with the high fantasy aspect of Whitten’s magic system. I can’t wait to read the next book in the Nightshade Crown series. 

5/5 stars

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