Ascension is written by Nicolas Binge. Thank you to Harper Collins Australia and Harper Voyager for the review copy.


A group of scientists, including renowned scientist Harry Tunmore, are sent to investigate a mysterious mountain that has appeared in the Pacific Ocean. As they ascend, they encounter strange occurrences such as time and space behaving differently, their memories fading, and the physical challenges of the mountain. They are driven by both scientific curiosity and personal motivations. The story raises questions about what they will discover about themselves and their world as they reach the summit and who or what they will find there.


This book was definitely different to my typical read and the main characters story was told through letters that was published in a book sharing the mysterious island.

It is a mixture of sci-fi, thriller and mystery that had me intrigued throughout the book.

Ascension is a must read if you want to step out of your comfort zone and explore sci-fi and fantasy.

4/5 stars

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