Category: Bookish Items

Book gizmo Sleeves

These are my first three sleeves from Book Gizmo and I’m in love with the artwork. The Serpent & Dove book sleeve is made of a satin material and the artwork is by @dominiquewesson on Instagram. I love the artwork of Reid and Lou.… Continue Reading “Book gizmo Sleeves”

Razz Candles

These are some of the bookish candles in my collection. I can’t help purchasing different candles for all of my favourite books. Some of the candles in my collection are the Supernatural collection, Stalking Jack the Ripper collection, Throne of Glass, Caraval and a… Continue Reading “Razz Candles”

Caraval Pops

These pops are done by Erin Errands and you can find an amazing collection at They are stunning and beautifully painted. I love the detailed in Tella and Scarlett’s dresses as well as how Julian matches how I imagined him. Legend and Jacks… Continue Reading “Caraval Pops”


This year I discovered Fablebands and have fallen in love with the designs of the headbands and scrunchies. For my first few Fablebands I have: Blood and Honey faux knot headband and scrunchie Bookstagram faux knot headband Wisdom faux knot headband I absolutely love… Continue Reading “Fablebands”